Exploring Delawares Rich Arts and Culture Scene: A Guide for Tourists

Exploring Delawares Rich Arts and Culture Scene: A Guide for Tourists

Exploring Delaware's Rich Arts and Culture Scene: A Guide for Tourists


Delaware, known as the First State, is rich in arts and culture. From the Wilmington Riverfront to the historic district of New Castle, there are plenty of places available for tourists to explore. Whether you are interested in the arts, history, or local artifacts, Delaware has something for everyone.

Art Museums

Delaware offers a variety of art museums that showcase different styles and time periods. The Delaware Art Museum, located in Wilmington, features collections of American art and illustrations dating back to the 1800s. The Biggs Museum of American Art, located in Dover, showcases regional art and decorative arts from different time periods. The Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library, also located in Wilmington, features American decorative art from the 1640s until the 1860s.

Cultural Museums

Delaware has a rich cultural history. The Hagley Museum and Library, located in Wilmington, offers visitors a chance to see the birthplace of gunpowder. The Johnson Victrola Museum, located in Dover, showcases the history of sound recording and offers visitors an opportunity to see a variety of historical artifacts.

Historical Sites

Delaware also has a rich history, and the state offers visitors an opportunity to explore its history by visiting historical sites. The First State National Historical Park includes the John Dickinson Plantation, one of the most important sites in the history of the American Revolution. The New Castle Historic District, located in New Castle, features a range of historic homes dating back to the mid-18th century.


Exploring arts and culture in Delaware is a fantastic way for tourists to get a glimpse of the state's rich history and tradition. From art museums and cultural museums to historical sites, there is something for everyone interested in exploring Delaware's arts and culture scene. Whether you are a lover of the arts, history, or just looking to gain a greater appreciation of the state, Delaware has plenty of options available for everyone.

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